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Reference 3Licenses JARs

<path id="3licenses.classpath">
 <fileset dir="${externals.dir}/3licenses">
  <include name="*.jar" />

Reference the 3Licenses JAR's ANT Tasks

 <taskdef resource="com/appsecinc/ant/" classpathref="3licenses.classpath" />

Create a Target to Combine Licenses

 <target name="combine-licenses">
  <combine-licenses todir="${licenses.dir}/combined" xslfile="${externals.dir}/3licenses/manifest.xsl">
   <licenses srcdir="${project1.dir}/licenses" />
   <licenses srcdir="${project2.dir}/licenses" />

Try ant combine-licenses. This combines multiple license outputs into ${licenses.dir}/combined. You can open manifest.xml to see a summary.

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