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Subversion Externals

Subversion has a concept of externals. In order for 3Licenses to work you must utilize svn:externals that points to a respository of 3rd party libraries.

Organizing Thirdparty Libraries

We recommend that you download and check-in thirdparty libraries "as-is" without any modifications into a central repository. For example, for 3Licenses itself we maintain A thirdparty SVN structure is organized by component and by version. Here's a peek into a large 3rd party structure.


This allows projects to share thirdparty libraries via svn:externals and allows to easily switch a project from using one version of a thirdparty library to using a newer one (by switching svn:externals).

Using svn:externals

Reference a thirdparty library by editing the svn:externals property of any directory. We recommend that you create a single externals directory at the root of your project branch in order to organize externals in a single location. This can be done with svn propedit svn:externals <path> or with a visual editor such as Tortoise SVN. Here's an example of an svn:externals of a large project.


A Real World

The is also a working example of this structure. Check out

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